Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Nicole, the blogger behind Countrified Charm. I live in a tiny little town, on a tiny little province in Canada that you’ve probably never heard of. But hey, that’s why I’m here! I’ve lived on Prince Edward Island my entire life and I love it more than anything. This is my home, my recluse and my peace. It’s my past, present and future. And I want to share how incredible this place is with the world.

If you’re not familiar, Prince Edward Island (or PEI as we call it!), is the smallest province in Canada and is on the east coast. We have a population of about 143,000, with the town closest to me sitting around 1600 people. About 28% of the population lives in rural areas outside of municipalities, myself included. I could go on and on, but rather than bore you, I’ll leave you a link to read more.

So why blog about it? A better question would be “why not?” Sure, I am biased, but this little island is pretty incredible. We have outstanding talent in terms of business, culture, art, trades, agriculture, tourism and more. We have gorgeous sights and scenery and a long and fascinating history. The people are close – it’s not often you leave the house without seeing someone you know. PEI is full of opportunity, and I want everyone to know all about it.

Join my journey of living on this Island. I will be posting about life on PEI in every way – from my everyday personal life, to fun things to do, and everything in between. Find out what is hiding on this amazing place I call home.



A born and raised Islander, I currently live just outside of a small-town with my fiance and our dog. I love my life and love to share the little joys. I attended Holland College here on PEI where I studied Marketing and Advertising Management. Now, I am employed with two jobs in my field – one as the Membership & Events Coordinator with the Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce, and the other as the Marketing Development Officer at Twin Shores Camping Area. I love to volunteer in my community and take as many opportunities to do so as possible. In my spare time, I like to experience as much of PEI as I can, spend time with my family and friends, blog and write, and do yoga. Want to know more about me? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!



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