Time’s They Are A-Changin’

HELLO and welcome to the brand spankin’ new Countrified Charm! I know, I’ve said that before, but this time I truly mean it. In the past, “changing” the blog was meant to allow me more freedom in posting and to create interesting content, but that ended up not being the case. Over the last 4-6 months, things with the blog have slipped under the rug and I’ve felt guilty about it. That’s not okay. I shouldn’t feel guilty for not posting as often or keeping things updated. I have a busy life that I enjoy living and sitting down to write a new post doesn’t always fit into my schedule. It happens. With this update, however, I hope to periodically post, but if I don’t do it every few days, or every week, or every month, I won’t feel bad. This is lifestyle blog which means that it should flow with my daily life. The reality is that I don’t always have time for everything in a day, and that’s okay.

With this “new” Countrified Charm I want to focus on what I really love – my home and my life. I want to post about this incredible province I live on, and about all the things I get to experience on PEI and the rest of Canada. I want to share stories and advice on life. Things like being a first-time homeowner, my family, planning my wedding, dealing with anxiety, and more. Previously, I felt compelled to only post about fashion and beauty, which was difficult. I love both of those things, but being creative with those posts wasn’t an easy task. With this new “lifestyle” content, I’m not putting myself in a box and I’m able to share things I’m passionate about.

All that said, I am leaving my old posts up on the blog. If you want to access them and read them, they’re there. They may be removed in the future, but I’m leaving them for now. In a sense, it’s for my own benefit. Having them allows me to see how I want to move forward and to hold me accountable for new content. So, if you come across those and are confused, don’t be. They served a purpose.

Do I have a new interesting post ready for today besides this one? No. Will I have one later this week? Who knows. What I do know is that I won’t struggle to find content to post. I may not always have the time but I will figure it out. Stay tuned because good things (I hope) are coming.



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