What I Love (And Hate) About Spring

Spring has arrived. Well, technically, though it certainly doesn’t look or feel that way. In fact, tonight on PEI the forecast is calling for freezing rain. Great. But that’s not stopping me from getting in the spirit and trying to welcome some spring vibes! 

I’ll be the first to admit that spring is far from being my favourite season. I love summer and fall, with winter (for the first few months anyway) coming in second. Spring brings up the rear. I don’t dislike everything about springtime. There are some truly wonderful aspects of the season. However, there are also several things I really don’t like. Curious? Let’s get more in depth.


It’s messy

I am not afraid to say that I really am not a fan of mud and dirt. I never was, even as a child. Just something about being dirty and messy didn’t sit well with me and not much has changed. Some people love walking in the mud, but not me. The sound, the feeling, the texture – no thanks! This year, it’s going to be hard to avoid as our yard is currently pure mud. No grass, just straight up mud everywhere. So as can be expected, I am really not looking forward to all the snow melting and having to deal with the mess.

It’s smelly 

Yeah, I said it. Now before someone jumps on me, hear me out. Not everything in the spring smells. I love the smell of fresh flowers and cut grass and dew in the mornings. What I don’t like is the smell of the dirt, mud, etc. Call me crazy, but there is a distinct smell to it and it’s not pleasant. 

The “too cold for sandals, but too warm for boots” stage

Ah, the dreaded transition between winter and summer clothes. When the sweaters go away and are replaced with thinner materials and the parkas give up their place for jackets. This is always a tough transition, style wise. There is always a period where it’s not cold enough to wear boots, but not warm enough for bare feet and flats. And trust me, it’s hard to find business casual appropriate spring shoes (well, ones that are cute anyway). I invested in a pair of hidden wedge “dressy sneakers” a few years ago and they are pretty well my staple shoe for the spring season. Also falling into this category: too warm for long pants, but too cold for shorts/skirts.



I love a good pastel colour. Pinks, purples, blues, mint. You name it, I probably like it. I have to admit, spring definitely has the best colour palette out there. As soon as spring hits, I instantly want to paint my nails in a pretty pastel, and break out my brighter coloured clothes. I just love how bright and happy the springtime is. It feels so peppy, and girly and fun. 

Flowers galore

Give me all the bouquets! Fresh flowers are my favourite and spring offers some of the best. Tulips never fail to make me happy and are the best to brighten up my house or office. Daffodils, too! April is Daffodil month, which is an entire month dedicated to the Canadian Cancer Society, and there is never a shortage of daffodils around! I can’t wait to get a bunch for my living room and for work. 

Warmer weather

This is a big “duh”. Slowly but surely the days get longer and the weather gets brighter – sunny days, higher temperatures and bluer skies. Nobody can complain about that! All that means more time being spent outside. I love going for walks in the spring. The temperate is ideal – not too hot, not too cold, and it just makes me feel happy! 


The season is just beginning, but I can feel that it’s going to be great. A new house to bring the fresh vibes into, and the feeling of promise and beauty in the air! Spring is a time for growth and new life – and that can be looked at from many different angles. I’m excited for what’s to come and to experience some new beginnings in my life. Happy Spring, everyone!



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